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What Sets “90 Days to Live” Apart?

Shocked and devastated. Understatements for how my wife Paige and I felt when my oncologist delivered my cancer diagnosis, and told me I had 90 days to live. When my doctor urged me to start chemo immediately, but told me that it’d only briefly prolong my life, we said, “forget it.”

This book is the story of our successful journey to beating my supposedly “incurable” cancer through alternative means.

Why Should People Read It?

A Message of Hope for Others

So many cancer sufferers just aren’t interested in the chemo/radiation route (like we weren’t). OR, they’ve tried it, and it did nothing to beat their cancer, but everything to destroy their bodies. This book offers a bona fide alternative that actually works.

Not Just A Treatment – A “97%-Successful” Treatment

The treatment I identified, followed religiously, and which eventually cured me, was developed and fine-tuned over 30 years by Dr. William Donald Kelley and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. This treatment has ultimately benefited 33,000 people (and counting), and—based on multiple studies of its efficacy—has indeed had a 97% success rate.

It’s A Family Love Story…

Fighting cancer’s not for sissies, and it’s also not something to be faced alone. Yes, 90 Days to Live is a story about beating my cancer. But, just as importantly, it’s a story of the endless 24/7 love, faith and support from my whole family.  Given the solid treatment plan, and the 1-2 faith/family punch we threw at it, cancer didn’t have a chance!

Not Just A Memoir – A Game Plan For Life

90 Days to Live is the story of beating cancer on our terms. But more resources are on the way:

1) The Cancer Answer: The Proven Alternative Protocol with a 97% Success Rate.

In detailed, step-by-step fashion, we outline the exact protocol I followed to beat my cancer—what I took and did, when, how much, and how often.

2) The HealThy Body Cookbook: A Tasty Collection of Healing, Cancer-Fighting Recipes

This recipe book—a true family-team effort—is chock-full of tasty (and 80%-protocol compliant) recipes. A side dish to The Cancer Answer.

It’s Not About the Money

We have a very profitable full-time fire-safety and security business—a business we grew exponentially while we battled cancer. Rest assured, if money was our only goal, we’d stick to that business, and pass on making the considerable ongoing investments of time and money we’ve made, to get our message out to the world.

So why do it?

Because we never stop thinking about all the cancer sufferers out there—who like we once were—are shocked, scared and searching for solutions. And, getting very few good ones from the modern medical establishment.

If our book and resources help save lives, it will have been well worth it.

Our sincere appreciation for your help in getting the word out!


Rodney & Paige