What if you were told you had 90 days to live?

For my wife Paige and me, my “out-of-the-blue” cancer diagnosis in 2005 quickly turned a normally hypothetical question horribly real.  When I met Paige, I was a nationally touring heavy-metal drummer.  I soon swapped my drumsticks for marriage, family, a job, and then, my own business.

My 90-Days’ diagnosis hit just as our business was starting to soar.

“You’re going to die” was the solemn verdict from numerous MDs, who promised only to briefly extend my life. With both a growing family and business, and so much living still to do, my response to the no-hope prognosis? “I don’t think so.”

We’d beaten the cancer and had built a successful business.

While my weight dropped from 190 to 138 lbs., Paige and I explored countless cancer “cures” of widely varying value. We even exposed a scam treatment being peddled by a mob boss—crossing paths with the FDA and FBI, and ended up on international news!  In the end, we found a solution and had beaten my cancer, and at the same time grew our fledgling fire and security business exponentially.

Our award-winning book – 90 Days to Live: Beating Cancer When Modern Medicine Offers No Hope – was published in December 2018 and became a National Bestseller! We wrote our book and created to share our story and to motivate and encourage other cancer patients in their fight against cancer.