“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.” - Dr. Debasish Mridha

I find myself stressed out a lot lately. I feel like I’m constantly chasing my tail with no end in site. (Yes, that was a pun!) 😂. With the crazy world the way it is today, violence, chaos, illness and death it makes it hard to cope. Not just for me, but for everyone.

I was recently introduced to Binaural frequencies. Have you heard about them? I’ve always been fascinated with music. Rodney is a musician after all and he writes his own music. I love that music can uplift you and make you happy. It can put you into a melancholy or creative state. I find that the artist Dido makes me want to paint and chill. Easy listening music makes me want to sit on my sofa with a warm blanket, or by the fireplace and relax or read. Rock music makes me want to exercise or clean. How does it affect you?

I’ve been listening to binaural frequencies on Apple Music, because of an article that was sent to me. The article stated “After participants listened to 24 minutes of instrumental music infused with nature sounds and binaural beats, those who were moderately anxious experienced a significant reduction in their anxiety, researchers found.” The article went on to define Binaural Beats “Binaural beats are composed of two tones, one played in each ear when you’re wearing headphones. In response to these sounds, your brain creates an illusory tone—one you only think you’re hearing—that is actually the difference between the two tones. Assembling a playlist of your fave hits is always a feel-good option, but what really nets the calming perks are binaural beat–filled tracks, which induce a sense of peace, says study author Adiel Mallik, PhD, a postdoctoral psychology fellow at Ryerson University.”

I found the article interesting so I thought I’d give it a try. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but after placing my ear buds in and listening to it for the suggested 20 minutes, I felt pretty good.  I felt as if I wasn’t as stressed, which is very uncommon for me.  So the next day I decided to try it again. Rodney sent me a particular sound to listen to that was targeted towards anxiety. I was really feeling it until I became very stressed and ‘aware’, so I looked up what was playing and yep, you probably have guessed it! I was listening to one titled, ‘Seratonin, Awareness’ by mistake! That was my A-ha moment, thinking there may really be something to this. I immediately changed the ‘beat’ to something more calming and soothing and voila! It worked.

I’m going to continue on this journey in hopes that this will actually calm me down and help me with my anxiety. If this is of interest to you and something that you may like to try, go to your music library and search for ‘Binaural Frequencies’. Put on your headphones or ear buds in and chilax!