Healing Teas Part II: Essiac Tea

When I began researching various cancer cures, I stumbled upon a little-known tea which has had surprising results. While a variety of teas have been used in China for healing man of his various ills, its primary use in the west is as a tasty breakfast or lunch beverage. So, how could a tea possibly cure cancer? Well, Essiac tea has a long and colorful story to go along with its miraculous qualities.

Rene Caisse (pronounced Reen Case), a Canadian nurse, developed the tea about a hundred years ago. As a side note, Essiac is her last name spelled backward. She first discovered key ingredients of her tea when she met up with an 80-year-old survivor of breast cancer in the mid 1920’s. This octogenarian had accompanied her husband, who was a prospector in Ontario, when she began having severe pains in her breast. An old Indian medicine man visited her and explained that she had cancer and that he could cure it. Wanting another opinion, the woman and her husband traveled to Toronto, where a medical doctor broke the bad news that her right breast would need to be removed.

The woman couldn’t afford the surgery but was also frightened of that option as a good friend of hers had died from the process years before. So, she went back to the mining camp and sought out the medicine man, who showed her several herbs she could use to make a tea that would cure the cancer.

When Rene discovered that after the woman had drunk the tea, the cancer had never returned, she began to delve into research. She studied the herbs the woman used, as well as others with known curative powers. While visiting a doctor friend a year later, he pointed out a weed, which he felt would cure cancer. Lo and behold, it was one of the herbs the medicine man had recommended.

It was only when her aunt became ill with cancer, and the medical community couldn’t do anything for her, that Rene decided to try the tea out on a patient. When it saved her aunt, she started taking on more and more patients.

It’s interesting, but one by one, various doctors tried to discredit her results. It was only after observing her results firsthand that they became sold on Essiac tea. No one could deny the amazing effects this tea had on patients, many of whom had been deemed “hopelessly ill” by doctors. Patients who’d been given months to live, managed to live decades with the help of Essiac tea.

Throughout her entire life, Rene devoted every waking minute to perfecting the tea and helping people cure themselves of cancer. She sometimes had clinics, while other times she simply worked out of her home. She never charged a fee but would only take donations from those who wished to pay her. Unfortunately, she had to devote a lot of energy to defending her right to help others, as various entities tried to either put her in jail or steal her formula.

In the end she saved thousands of people from cancer, never turning anyone away. When she died, she willed her formula to one company she trusted, but sadly they went out of business. Still, the formula can be pieced together. There are various versions available on the internet. Through research you can uncover which ingredients are key and either make your own blend or find a trustworthy source online.

While I go over this tea in greater detail in my book, The Cancer Answer, I want to share what I believe are the key four ingredients for Essiac tea here:

  • Sheep sorrel root and leaves
  • Burdock root
  • Turkey Rhubarb
  • Slippery Elm

Make sure the ingredients are organic and that the root of the sheep sorrel is part of the formula. I still drink this tea every day and feel it is a key component to my success in attacking cancer.

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