Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Thomas Seyfried


  • All cancer cells, regardless of tissue origin, use fermentation energy for growth. They ferment lactic acid from glucose in the cytoplasm, and fermerment succinic acid from glutamine in the mitochondria
  • Even when tumor cells appear to be making ATP and taking in oxygen, suggestive of normal respiration, their mitochondria are abnormal; hence, mitochondrial dysfunction is at the root of most cancers
  • The true origin of cancer is damage to the respiratory function of your mitochondria, triggering compensatory fermentation, which is run by oncogenes. Oncogenes facilitate the entry of glucose and glutamine into the cell to replace oxidative phosphorylation
  • Metastatic cancer cells are hybrid “rogue” macrophage cells — a mix of an immune system cell and a dysregulated stem cell with macrophage characteristics, which allows it to rapidly replicate and spread
  • Press-pulse cancer treatment involves restricting the fermentable fuels — glucose and glutamine — in a cyclical fashion to avoid causing damage to the immune system
  • A biopsy may not always be a good option as this procedure may actually cause the cancer to spread or turn a potentially benign situation into a malignant one


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