Don’t Be a Dumb Cancer Patient!

Facing Cancer with Intelligence and Resolve IS Possible

“Who you calling dumb?!”

I know, not the friendliest way to start out a blog post, but this subject is an important one, and I needed to get your attention! Do I have it? Good.

So what’s a “dumb cancer patient”? And how can you avoid being one?

Let’s back up a moment. I constantly hear people saying things like, “Scumbags peddling bogus cancer treatments are preying on some of the most vulnerable people in society.” No question, there are plenty of “bad actors” out there. Heck, in our search for my ultimately successful treatment, we helped put one such knucklehead in jail for selling fake cancer pills!

But, at the same time, I find the “vulnerable” statement above offensive. It seems to assume that, once you’re diagnosed with cancer, you lose all brain function, and become stupid! But I believe most cancer patients are smart enough to protect themselves from…let’s call them “scambags.” I know I was.

But, of course, it happens. These crooks wouldn’t exist if no one fell for their lies. But, it’s easy to understand why some people do. Fact is, cancer is seen as a virtual death sentence by so much of the medical establishment. Sure, many of those diagnosed with cancer live through their ordeal. But enough either don’t, or do until the cancer comes back, or lead a shorter life of diminished health after chemo and radiation, that the specter of death is never far away from the discussion.

As such, fear is ever-present along with hope for an answer. Put those two together, and it’s easy to see how people earnestly want to believe in “cures” that have no value. Yet, by falling for these bogus treatments, they double their pain.

Lots of people from all walks of life get cancer every day—from CEOs to the poor and uneducated. But regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, here’s a few ideas on how you can be a smart cancer patient.

1) Start with Serious Skepticism. Start by remembering that Scammers ARE Out There. Duh, right? Well maybe, but enough people do succumb to scams that it’s obvious they’re forgetting this fact. Adopt a “B.S.-until-proven-otherwise” stance when vetting ALL cancer treatments.

We know you want to believe that this or that treatment is “the answer,” but start from a position of skepticism, and only move off that in the face of a whole lot of credible evidence to the contrary. Some cancers are aggressive and move fast, and you don’t want to waste time going down pointless rabbit holes, trying crappy so-called cures that have no foundation. How many mistakes like that can you afford to make? And that segues into the next point…

2) Do a LOT of Homework. Most people get snookered by scams because they believe the first thing they see on the website. And scammers know how to package info to draw you in. But, you need to go well beyond that first level of info in order to prove the legitimacy of any given treatment. And the scams quickly fail that “extended research” test.

When we came across the enzyme treatment we used for my cancer, what stood out for us was that there was a book written about it, and plenty of info, tons of case studies, and more. And that leads to the next point…

3) Join Online Cancer Groups. We’re members of several cancer groups on Facebook.  Groups like these can really be useful in getting others’ opinions about, or experiences with, certain alternative and conventional treatments. Just asking a question like, “What cancer ‘cures’ do you know are scams?” and hearing from people in the trenches of their own battles with cancer, could quickly save you a ton of time money and heartache. But just a word of caution: don’t believe everything you hear. Even in these groups, scams may surface. Put it to the test as stated above.

4) Skip All the Above and Follow Our Protocol! Only half-joking here. We urge you to find your ideal cancer treatment, but why not start with ours? Yes, we’ll make a few bucks if you buy our books, but needless to say, we won’t see a dime extra if you decide to go the enzyme-therapy route.

We spent hundreds of hours researching dozens of “so-called “cures” before rejecting most of them and choosing the one we did. You could quickly benefit from our labors.

Cancer is one of the worst things anyone can go through, on so many levels. I know, firsthand, how difficult it can be to not panic and want to grab for the nearest life line. But you NEED to be smart about it, and if you are, you’ll only boost the odds that you’ll win in the end.  

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