Cancer update - Part 1

The human body never ceases to amaze me, it’s intricate design, so complex, yet, having the ability to heal itself even after being put through unimaginable pain and suffering.

When I was initially diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma follicular stage 3b in 2005, doctors gave me only 90 days to live without treatment. I was having terrible “b” symptoms. Severe fatigue, drenching night sweats that became day sweats and rapid weight loss from 194lbs to 135lbs. Although I had numerous tumors throughout my body, none were compromising my organs or causing an immediate life-threatening situation, so I opted out of chemotherapy and instead chose a little known Pancreatic Enzyme treatment.

The use of Pancreatic Enzymes against cancer was first studied by Dr. John Beard in the 1800’s, and based on his studies, Dr. William Donald Kelley, a dentist out of Texas, USA started using Pancreatic Enzymes to treat cancer in the 1960’s. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. began investigating Dr. Kelley’s work in the 1980’s, and then began his own practice in New York, of treating cancer with Pancreatic Enzymes, especially pancreatic cancer.

He was even approved for a clinical trial by the National Cancer Institute, which he details in his book “One Man Alone.” After Dr. Gonzalez’s sudden death in 2015, Linda Isaac’s, M.D., his associate of more than 20 years, continued the treatment in her own practice. She’s still treating cancer patients today with Pancreatic Enzymes.

In December of 2005 I started the Enzyme treatment with Pamela McDougle, who worked closely with Dr. Kelley. I had to take 72 enzymes a day, along with many other supplements, diet change, juicing, coffee enemas, and more to help rebuild my body (See our blog at It took me 11 months to fully recover from my cancer. My wife Paige and I wrote a book about our cancer journey and appropriately titled it “90 Days to Live”. It’s available on Amazon as a free download this week if you’re interested in reading it.