Wheelchair warriors 😎

There is something to be said for all those wheelchair warriors out there! Here is a big shout out to you, plus a little tooting of my own horn, after all I am the author of this story so why not!

Wheelchairs are a lot harder to navigate than you would expect. They are NOT all the same size, they do not ALL fold up and open the same way and those chairs are a LOT heavier than you would expect. 

I’ve seen grown men yank, smack and stretch those chairs in the hopes of getting them open. I know I have done the same thing as well. They are extremely frustrating at times! They’re hard to navigate, hard to judge your distances and hard to push every time you leave the brakes on! 

As I have done on more than one occasion. You would think I would have learned my lesson, but no, I sure didn’t. I am ashamed to admit. 😔 Once you start pushing and you go nowhere, you need to immediately check the brakes as they are usually on and you will look like a moron! 

I remember when I first started pushing Rodney in his wheelchair I can’t tell you how many times I said “sorry” that day! I ran his feet into the wall. I ran his feet into the back AND front of elevators, I’ve had him caddy-cornered and flat out stuck in them where I couldn’t go frontwards or backwards. I had to lift up the handles and flat out man handle that thing. (Tip, turn them around and go in backwards.) 

I get accused of “racing” the nurses a lot. Apparently I’m a speed walking wheelchair hospital walker! Lol! I’ve clipped a few heels accidentally of course, I thought they were walking faster than they were, but obviously not! And last but not least not all the doors in the hospital are the same width! This one area, when you go through the door, you have to watch your fingers because you will smash them pushing the wheelchair through. Not fun and it most definitely hurts! Not to mention Rodney slapping his forehead looking down and shaking his head. Lol! 

On some of the ramps they have here at the hospital I have to get a running start. I look like I’m ski jumping wheeling him up them. My legs even burn because I’m getting a major work out.

Instead of Hotrod I now call him Hotwheels…I’m sure he likes the name as much as I do but we go with it. Rodney and I always have great fun together.  This is a stressful time and I do mean severely stressful, but as long as we go through it together and we get to laugh a little along the way, these will be cherished memories that we will have together. And THAT means more than anything to me.