Vegetable Juicing – One More Weapon for Attacking Cancer

Most people think of the word “juicing” as something to do with fad diets, something that trendy people try out when they want to lose a few pounds quick or boost their immune systems. You may have heard it before: someone you know is going to give this “juicing” thing a spin. Maybe they stick with it; maybe they don’t. Juicing, though, is more than just a fad. In fact, it is central to the Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment that Dr. Max Gerson pioneered in the 30s, first for migraines and then for a host of diseases, including cancer.

Yes, vegetable juicing can help you in Attacking Cancer. Used also as a defense against diseases like skin tuberculosis and diabetes, juicing combined with an organic, plant-based diet, coffee enemas, and supplements offers a wide-range of benefits to support your body, fortifying its defenses and its healing mechanisms. When you juice regularly, you are boosting your nutrition and unlocking your optimal physical responses.

How do you do it? What do you use for it? When do you do it?

The first thing that you need to know about vegetable juicing is that the juices must be fresh, organic, and raw to maximize the enzymes, nutrients, and minerals that you put into your body. Coffee enemas will help to detoxify your liver, but the nutrients, the minerals, and the enzymes, those are all playing leading roles in attacking the tissue the cancer has affected inside your body. Whatever carcinogens or toxins are making your cancer worse, vegetable juicing – if you do it properly! – will help to destroy them.

Measure out fifteen pounds of produce and take a look at it. Can you imagine eating all that? You may find that you have time to do little else! Fifteen pounds of produce on your plate, you would live your life like an insatiable rabbit, munching the whole day away. That is why juicing is such a game-changer.  That fifteen pounds does not look nearly as daunting when you fresh-press it into juice. When you fresh-press fifteen pounds of produce, it looks like a reasonable amount to drink, and thus you give yourself access to all those nutrients, minerals, and enzymes, turning them into something that you can consume and soak up quickly and efficiently.

Usually, a cancer patient who is following the Gerson Therapy will drink around thirteen glasses of fresh, organic juice per day. That equates to one or so per hour. You prepare the juice every hour, you drink it every hour, and then you digest it. Effectively, you are drawing a constant flow of juice for yourself. Carrots, apples, and green-leaf veggies all make excellent ingredients. Combine them all together and eat your plant-based foods three times per day. Any juicer will do, but some are definitely better than others.  Norwalk Juicers are highly recommended, but are very pricey.

Now, the next time someone mentions juicing, you will have reason to pause, and you can wonder to yourself Are they dieting? or Are they Attacking Cancer? If you yourself are juicing for the latter reason, remember this: good health tastes good. As you are drinking your carrot-apple-green-leaf juice, imagine yourself thriving, doing your favorite physical activity, living your best, cancer-free life, and remind yourself that juicing is worth the effort!