The Resilient Dr. Octopus

No, this is not a doctor on Rodney’s team of doctors. This is actually Rodney’s nickname, although he’s still my Superman. This go around of cancer has been the upmost worst! In my life I have never seen someone suffer so greatly and I’m not just talking about physical pain only, I’m talking emotional pain as well. 

Acquaintances, so called “friends”, associates and family. He has suffered on all forefronts. I watched as he was attacked verbally by so called friends. I watched as he was “shunned” by those closest to him.   

I have waited in hundreds of waiting rooms for Rodney to return back to me. He’s had so many tubes surgically attached to his body. He’s had tubes protruding out of his lungs and his arms. Have you ever tried to take a shower with your arm held above your head until you were finished for 10 months? That’s only one!

Resilience is not a word to be taken lightly. But if there’s one thing that I can tell you about Rodney it would be that he is resilient. 
He doesn’t let anything or anybody get in his way. He forgives and he forgets. He is the epitome of resilience. No matter what the circumstance we are going through he shines. 

He encourages, he’s steadfast and immovable. 
You know that you are resilient when the nurses from different shifts come in just to tell him goodbye when they find out that you are leaving, that absolutely melts my heart. Rodney has an uncanny way of affecting people for the better. 

One of his oncologist that was doing rounds for a week told us that he would come back that evening, we never saw him. While in his room that evening, the phone rang and we looked at each other. Who would be calling us? I went to answer it. “Hi Paige, this is Dr…..may I please speak to Rodney?”  I handed Rodney the phone and the doctor told him that he was sorry for not coming back to see him that evening, that his son was sick and he had to go home to take care of him.” 

Can you imagine? That doctor didn’t have to make that call but he did. When you are genuinely kind and genuinely loving to people they have the most beautiful way of returning that love back. And my Rodney has a way of showering people with such love. It’s a special gift that he has and he gives it unconditionally. 

We have received such love from many of you that are reading this letter right now. We want you to know how much we truly love all of you and we really appreciate the love that you have shown us. It will never be forgotten and we will carry it in our hearts forever.