Quitless - The Power of Persistence in Business and Life

Endurance, fortitude, sufferance, forbearance and patience.

What do you have when you have the combination of all these characteristics? You have the qualities of being Quitless.

Last year Rodney was invited to write part of an anthology book called Quitless. The book was just released on Amazon, and has since become the #1 non-fiction book, #1 business book, an #4 overall on Amazon Kindle.

When Rodney was diagnosed with cancer, the sheer determination of one mans journey into becoming Quitless is not only empowering, but endearing at the same time.

His story, among other powerhouse entrepreneurs is outlined in this newly released anthology, revealing their stories on how they became Quitless and how this can benefit you. Never throwing in the towel, never giving up.

Rodney and I started our fledgling business, and once we were in the black, our life was sideswiped by a diagnosis of a deadly disease that threatened to take everything we strove so hard to create.

His story in Quitless shows determination of the mind, the ability to build when everything else is crumbling around you. The sheer will to survive when the odds are stacked against you. To sustain a business through the blackness that threatens to engulf your life and swallow you up alive. Throwing caution to the wind and building a business one brick at a time.

This anthology includes Top Entrepreneurs in their specific field of business, that will not only encourage and empower you, they will upbuild and help you to know that anyone can become Quitless just like them.

Pick up your copy today on Amazon! You’ll be glad you did!

Quitless: The Power of Persistence in Business and Life