“Driving Mr. Rodney”

Closing the door after situating Rodney in the passenger seat, “Good morning sir, how are you this splendid morning?” I ask as I climb in the drivers seat! 

WOO HOO! L👀K who’s driving! ME! I tell ya, ME!! Pedal to the metal, Paigecar Speedway. Ha! I’m just kidding. Although I am the driver till December 1st. No driving for Rodney, doctors orders! They even wrote it on a hot pink piece of paper, you know just in case he gets the itch. But he won’t win, I’m a stickler for obeying the rules. And I can flash that piece of paper at will! I can tell, he’s absolutely going to LOVE this! 

Looking over at him as a sideways glance he looks like he’s holding on for dear life, his hand is tightly gripped around the door handle and he’s nervously looking around, never mind the fact that I’m still in park!

I can’t help but laugh on the inside. This is going to be so much fun! I’ll have to “try” and take it easy on him. Slow over the bumps, hands at 10 and 2, radio down low and GPS on. He “thinks” he knows where he’s going but it seems like we always get lost. Plus I’m not a big fan of the highways up here. These people drive like maniacs and it’s usually the women! 😳 They are mean! 🤭

Rolling my eyes I put the car in reverse and start slowly backing up. I bet he’s counting the days till he can drive already. LOL! 

We’re headed to his doctors appointment post discharge. They’ll be running blood tests and possibly be removing his picc line. Fortunately the hospital is about 3 miles from where we are so he won’t be traumatized for too long.